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Reptiles for sale can be found in many places - pet stores, breeders, even online. However, there are some things to consider before purchasing a reptile. First, check with your local laws. Many places have enacted laws pertaining to keeping reptiles as pets. Next, if possible, purchase your reptile from a reputable breeder. Captive bred is always best for a number of reasons. Captive bred reptiles are usually healthier than wild caught. The stress of capture and the adjustment on the reptile is quite stressful and can lead to illness. Captive bred reptiles are also generally easier to handle and accept pre-killed prey more readily than wild caught reptiles. Last, buying a captive bred reptile helps control wild populations. If you can, purchase your reptile when itís a baby because it will have a longer life. Again, research is stressed in order to help you find out as much as possible about the type of reptile, or herp, you are interested in, as this will help you when you get ready to choose a pet. For instance, iguanas and lizards are active, so a passive one in a pet store is not a good sign. Read books, find a picture of the type of herp you want and learn all about it. Lizards do not like to be handled and will always try to escape, if they can, and will even bite. The same is true for iguanas, although captive-bred iguanas from good breeders can sometimes become relaxed enough to allow you to rub their head or back - if they have had enough attention.

You may want to contact a local herp society or herp club for advice on the best place for reptiles for sale in your area. If there are no clubs in your area, check online for herp societies, associations and clubs for more information.


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